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- About Us -


Pride-Chem is a leading manufacturer and trader of high purity Ammonia and Copper chemicals in South East Asia. Pride-Chem also recovers and treats hazardous waste materials from electronic and other various industries. Our expertise in separation, purification and formulation technologies enable us to produce quality products and services according to customer needs.


Our Vision
We envision to be a premier chemical company and service provider in the Southeast Asia. 


Our Mission
We satisfy our customers by delivering results through quality chemical products and services.


Our Values
We are dependable. We act with integrity and honesty. We focus on our customers’ success.


Pride-Chem understands teamwork and recognizes each person for the difference he or she makes. As an individual, we go fast while being independent. As a team, we go far while staying together.


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Pride-Chem focuses on quality of our products and services while providing a safe working environment for all our employees, contractors and visitors.


We are accredited with ISO 9001 for quality management system, and SS506 Part 3: 2013, BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and Singapore bizSAFE Star certification for safety management system.


bizSAFE Enterprise Level STAR    OHSAS_18001_cert_mark 2007 v2 RGB SS_506_Part3_cert_mark v4 RGB    



- Our Products -


Anhydrous Ammonia Gas (R717)

In liquefied form or as a gas, anhydrous ammonia is commonly used as a fertilizer, refrigerant (R717) in industrial closed-circuit refrigeration systems, metal heat treatments, air pollution control (NOx and SOx), production of amines and nitriles, municipal and industrial waste treatment to water purification.


Ammonia has recently found its use in advanced materials and products such production of wind turbines rotors and amino acids.


Pride-Chem can provide anhydrous ammonia in the following pressurised storage vessels: 68kg cylinders, 500kg Ton Drums, 4MT bulk tanks, 8MT ISO Tankers.


ammonia gas bulk tank ammonia gas cylinder ammonia gas iso tanker


Ammonium Hydroxide

Ammonia hydroxide is commonly use as a building-block for the synthesis of many pharmaceuticals and is used in many commercial cleaning products. It is also commonly used in water treatments, electronics and agent in food processing.


Various concentrations and purity ammonium hydroxide are available on request.


Pride-Chem can provide ammonium hydroxide in the following packaging or vessels: 25L carboys, 200L drums, 1000L IBCs, 1200L IBCs, and ISO Tankers are available. 


ammonium hydroxide 200l drum-thumb ammonium hydroxide 1200l ibc-thumb ammonium hydroxide iso tank-thumnammonium hydroxide 24kg carboy-thumb


Copper Oxide

Using advanced manufacturing methods for production of high purity copper oxide powder, it has many uses such as pigment for glass and ceramics, ferrite cores, animal feeds, wood treatments, metal catalyst,  manufacturing of semiconductors in electronic devices and electroplating applications.


Fine grade copper oxide is available on request.


Pride-Chem can provide copper oxide powder in the following packaging: 25kg paper bags, 500kg, 700kg to 1000kg bulk bags.


copper oxide bulk bag copper oxide paper bag

Polyaluminum Chloride 

Polyaluminum chloride is used for deodorants, antiperspirants and as a coagulant in water purification. It has also special use in drilling mud treatment.


High basicity polyaluminum chloride is available on request.


Pride-Chem can provide polyaluminum chloride in the following packaging: 200L drums and 1000L IBCs.


pac drum pac ibc

- Our Services -


Industrial Waste Management

As an expert in treatment and recycling of hazardous liquid waste, Pride Chem is South East Asia’s largest licensed solution provider for spent cupric chloride, spent alkaline etchant and sulphuric acid waste. We are able to provide timely waste collection service to minimize customer’s downtime.


We target to achieve zero waste discharge through converting the waste into useful semi/final products where possible. 


 acid-waste-iso-tanker waste-ibc


Custom Manufacturing

Many modern chemicals require very specialized equipment and resources that simply makes mixing in-house too cost-prohibitive for most companies. With industrial know-how, Pride-Chem can provide specialty blending service to customers who owned unique proprietary chemical formulations.


Ammonia Degassing

This unique service provides safe and efficient removal of anhydrous ammonia gas from clients’ process/refrigeration system.


Our deep technical know how and innovative technical capabilities allow us to develop comprehensive supporting recovery process and equipment that can be deployed at clients’ locations.


Emergency Response

In an emergency, a capable and reactive team is of essence to mitigate the situation. As part of a follow-through services, Pride-Chem can provide telephone advise or assistance to customers relating to transportation, storage and use of chemical products and raw materials in emergency situations.

- Opportunites -


Job Opportunities

We are always looking for highly motivated individuals who are constantly pursuing innovation and realising them. 

Current available positions:

  • Chemical Process Technician (ITE/Normal Hours)
    • Loading and unloading of chemicals
    • Assist to carry out chemical production
    • Physical checking of incoming packaging and chemicals
    • Be part of the emergency response team
  • Chemical Process Engineer (B.Eng/Normal Hours)
    • Provide operations support to improve plant availability and production effectiveness
    • Provide support to improve production performance and troubleshooting
    • Involve  in  Health,  Safety  &  Environment  activities
    • Participate in plant/process modification studies/projects
    • Provide diagnosis and corrective/preventive plans for complaint reports and non-conformance.
    • Responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of all equipment in his area of responsibility to the highest standards of the industry.
    • Responsible for the day-to-day execution of repair and preventive activities in the plant.
    • Maintain up-to-date engineering design standards and plant design documents, in both paper and electronic copies.
    • Compile marked-up drawings and maintain up-to-date “red-lined” drawings of basic design documents (PID, PFD, Instrument loops sheets, etc).

Send your job application and resume to :


Internship Program

The program enables undergrads to gain valuable practical work experiences in the industry after graduation. 

Send your internship application and resume to :


As our future partners and customers assess their suppliers and supply chain options, we want them to consider Pride-Chem as their preferred partner today and future. Together we can accelerate the path to business success.


- Contact -

Singapore HQ
Pride-Chem Industries Pte Ltd
2 Tuas View Lane
Singapore 637657

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General enquiries
Tel: +65 6861 7641
Fax: +65 6861 1055



Copper and ammonia chemicals sales and services
Phone: +65 9111 1381 / 6861 5130


Projects and technical support services


Malaysia Branch
Pride-Chem Industries Sdn Bhd 
PLO 232, Jalan Keluli 1
Pasir Gudang Industrial Estate 
81700 Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia

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General enquiries
Tel: +60 (0)7252 6755 / 72527413
Fax: +60 (0)7252 6741 


Copper and ammonia chemicals sales and services
Phone: +60 (0)7252 6755/7413


Projects and technical support services